Esports Games You Can Engage With this 2024

Tap in with all the opportunities this 2024 that will come your way. If you are planning to look for things that can help you earn or enjoy, engaging in online gaming in Malaysia can be an excellent option for you.

Such activity is seen as a great way to make some extra money while experiencing thrill, excitement, and convenience.

If you wonder which one you can try, esports have been there waiting for you anytime and anywhere.

Here are some of the best esports games you can engage with this year:

1. League of Legends

If you are looking for something that is easy to be familiar with and can play right away after knowing it, League of Legends (LoL) is one of the best picks you can consider. It still maintains its stronghold in the esports Malaysia. 

LoL boasts a strategic and team-based gameplay that has set its status as a timeless classic. With constant updates and a thriving competitive scene, this MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) continues to draw millions of worldwide players.

2. Valorant

Since its release, Valorant has gained momentum in the esports community, offering a fresh and dynamic experience for both players and spectators. 

With its strategic depth and evolving meta, Valorant still promises an exhilarating esports experience in 2024. If you are interested, you can watch millions of videos on the internet about it and try playing them to learn more about it. 

This could help you understand the game more if you plan to bet on it soon.

3. Fortnite

Known as one the ever-adapting battle royale, Fortnite remains a cultural phenomenon, continually adapting to keep players engaged. 

Its battle royale format, frequent updates, and collaborations ensure an ever-evolving competitive landscape. 


If you ever played these games before, this is a sign for you to start better wagering in esports betting. They promise exciting competitions and captivating gameplay experiences. 

Whether you’re a seasoned esports enthusiast or a newcomer looking to explore this thrilling world, these games offer diverse options to engage and immerse yourself in the excitement of competitive gaming.