Tyre maintenance and service

Your tyres will now and then require maintenance and service. It can be anything from making sure that they are in good conditions, changing your valves or fixing a puncture.

The main maintenance that one should do for a car is to check the tyre pressure and since this is easy to do when you visit a petrol station to fill up your vehicle. Driving with low tyre pressure increases the tyre wear and it also makes the fuel consumption increase, so they both add up to worsen your driving costs.

You then need to check your tyre wear by measuring the tread depth of your tyres, so that you know when they are worn out and have to be replaced.

Also balancing the tyres is very important, it negatively affects your driving comfort to have a car with unbalanced tyres. You can feel it when you let go of your steering wheel and the shakes and rattles.

Another common service is changing between summer tyres and winter tyres. When they do it with professional equipment, you know that it is done properly. As you have experts handling the whole process you know that the tyres are mounted properly and that the tyres they mount are in good condition.

The whole recycling process is also done as part of the tyre service when you buy new tyres, the old will be taken care of and recycled. Which is important for the environment.

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