What is Singapore Pools?

Over the years, with changes in consumer behavior and the digital revolution, Singapore Pools has moved more of its betting offerings online. Sports betting includes football (soccer), motor racing and horse racing. Other types of bets include financial markets such as forex, commodities and indices; casino games like baccarat; and even special events like annual lotteries.

Singapore Pools offers a wide range of betting options for different groups of people:

  • The sportsbook caters to those who want to place their bets manually or use a small number of selections from a pre-selected list. It also allows you to automate your wagers using pre-built strategies devised by our experts or build your own customised system from scratch!
  • The QuickTick app helps you place quick wagers at any time on any mobile device with just two taps – no login required! Just select up to five horses (or greyhounds) for each race at one go and let QuickTick do all the work for you!

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