7 Principles of Work and Life Balance

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There are many aspects of work-life balance that must be considered to achieve a healthy work-life balance. One important principle is setting realistic goals and priorities. Work-life balance is a matter of personal leadership, not just a corporate mandate. Achieving a healthy work-life balance requires a balanced approach in all areas of one’s life. Personal leadership requires effective time management, minimizing stress, and participating in enjoyable diversions daily, weekly, and even monthly. A well-balanced life includes scheduled lunch breaks and frequent vacations.

While achieving work-life balance is a challenging endeavor, it can be done. There are many methods employers can use to help their employees achieve it, including flexible work schedules, responsible-paced communication expectations, and company-sponsored family events. Ultimately, work-life balance reduces employee stress. Employees who neglect self-care suffer from a decrease in output and productivity. Achieving work-life balance can be an invaluable tool for employees.

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