MS Navision to Business Central Migration

If you are planning on migrating your MS Navision database to Business Central, the first step is to start from a different company. For this, you can use a demonstration company where you can log out users and run the migration tool a few times before the actual process starts. If you are unsure how to migrate your data, read this article to learn more. It will show you how to do this successfully.

While you should definitely consider your business needs before moving to Business Central, it is best to use a professional to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. Business Central offers a number of benefits, such as AI, automated reporting, and cash-flow management. In addition, it eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure and is mobile-friendly for employees. It also provides advanced security and disaster recovery capabilities. It is ideal for midsized businesses, if you are planning a migration to Business Central.

In the Business Central online version of MS Navision, it is important to configure permissions so that the data can migrate properly. If the users do not have SUPER permissions, they will be automatically reassigned to the ‘intelligent cloud’ user group. The permission set can be found under the ‘Permission Sets’ tab of the Business Central online interface. The permissions for users in Business Central can also be adjusted to limit the amount of data that migrates. For more information visit Microsoft NAV to Microsoft Business Central Migration and Navision to business central migration