Make sure to buy the correct winter tyres

Winter tyres tend to be a bit trickier to purchase, as there is a wider range of tyres, as you have both non-studded tyres and studded tyres. And within each of these categories, you have a wide selection of tyres. For a lot of people, winter tyres have to have studs to be winter tyres. This may be true in the past, but nowadays, the non-studded winter tyres have advanced so much that they are both extremely good at handling winter conditions and are the same for snow. So the choice should be more based on a few different factors.

The most important factor for making the decision is what type of weather conditions you most frequently face. If you drive a lot on icy surfaces, then your best option is studded tyres. If you drive on more snowy surfaces, then you will be fine with both options. Another factor to consider is that if you plan to drive to other European countries, studded tyres might not be legal, so you need to plan before driving somewhere what is allowed.

When you decide if you want studded or non-studded, you just have to select which one of all the tyres are out there. This can be difficult to get the best understanding of winter performance to check the winter tests done with several different brands. Be sure that the test is done independently, as some tests will only test properties where they are superior.

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