Paper Bag Types & Sizes (Infographic)

Paper bags are still the best option today. They are easily found in grocery stores, shopping centers, food outlets, and grocery shops. Paper bags are a great marketing tool that allows shoppers to carry their shopping bags. Paper bags are not always environmentally-friendly, as they have their drawbacks. However, if you consider the positives, many people will agree that paper bags helped create successful campaigns against plastic bag use. It doesn’t matter what type of paper bag an individual has used. Sometimes it is due to marketing and sales experience.

There are many types and sizes of paper bags. These cheap kraft paper bags are identified by their dimensions, such as height, width, and gusset. To increase the amount of space inside the bag, an extra piece is added to the bottom and sides. These brown paper bags with handles can be stored with or without items. There are many choices for paper bags. The right size, design, and quality of paper bags are crucial for your business. Here are some examples:

Coffee Paper Bags

The unique taste and form of the coffee are reflected in its unique color, shape, and flavor. Coffee paper bags These features are frequently used to make them.

  • Material: Special 3-4 Layer Kraft Paper.
  • Design: Flip and zipper pocket
  • Dimension: 230 x 330 x 90 mm …
  • Safety standards: It must meet the same criteria as food bags. It should also be resistant to moisture, waterproof, anti UV, and preserve the smell.

Printing Technique: There are many printing techniques. The bag is made from Kraft paper and aluminum film.

Cosmetic paper bag

Cosmetic bags are usually gifts, so they often have high aesthetic expectations.

  • Material: Couche. Kraft. Ivory. You can also choose art paper for more luxurious cosmetics.
  • Design: bags with a horizontal or vertical form.
  • Bag size: The most common length is 255 x 200×120 mm, depending on the product.
  • Safety guidelines: the paper must have adequate basis weight not to deform the product. Also, it should be easy for users to carry.
  • Product printing technique: Uses various methods to increase the product’s elegance.

Brand owners must ensure that their customers have the proper paper bags. It is an excellent choice if the bag is used for packaging. If you want to expand your marketing reach and maximize the potential of your bag, you can have it printed with your logo.

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Paper Bag Types & Sizes (Infographic)