Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History – Infographic

Sports betting is a popular pastime for many people since it’s exciting to risk money while showing support to a particular team. Some people even just enjoy risking money while gambling since it’s fun to risk money for more money. Most bettors lose money when betting, but some managed to beat the bookies and get rich through betting. Some of them even made history.

Singaporean bettors can monitor Singapore Pools football odds and fixtures, compare a foreign sportsbook’s offerings, and take advantage of the odds provided. However, bettors can only usually do this through simple moneyline bets and the occasional outright bets. The only ones who can truly win big through sports betting are through parlays.

Most bettors who won against the bookies used parlays and relied on jackpot parlays to win. Such wins are usually won through sheer luck. Parlays are necessary because not all sports bettors have the necessary substantial bankroll that common big winning high rollers have. Casual bettors can usually only place bets below $100, and some can’t even afford bets above $10, but they still had a chance to win six-digit profits through parlays and pari-mutuel jackpots.

One bettor who got lucky in a pari-mutuel jackpot is Steve Whiteley, who bet £2 on six random horses in an Exeter Tote. Whiteley received a free horse racing ticket, placed the £2 bet, and eventually won £1.45 million. One of the horses he even bet on was a horse that bettors will stay away from since it lost its previous 20 or so races.

Another bettor, Mick Gibbs, gambled a £0.30 bet on a 15-leg parlay with +166666600 odds. He’s lucky that he still won £500,000 after losing one of his 15 bets. These two bettors are some of the biggest sports betting winners in history, and Singaporean bettors can get started trying to join them in history by checking Singapore Pool sport odd and comparing odds with sportsbooks. They can start betting on parlays through sportsbooks as soon as today and try their luck to make money. CM2Bet also has an article with more big betting winners that bettors can look up to when betting on parlays.

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History