Safest Betting Markets for Beginner Sports Bettors

Sports betting is a vast industry that has seen many trials and controversies before reaching its current success through its safest betting markets. Although it has not been made utterly successful in some countries because it isn’t legalized there, the sector is well-known worldwide. Because of its popularity, many local entrepreneurs and citizens are eager to get involved in sports betting. They hope to win the jackpot price and become financially stable.

Anybody can try, but this division requires a person to take risks. It is more than a simple game. It is entertainment that needs one to be open to taking risks.

What is the history behind sports betting? How did it begin, and how has it progressed?

The first sports gambling case started sometime around 800-700 BC before Christ. It is also where the Greeks of the Bronze Age founded the ancient Olympics, which became evidence that wagering took place during those primitive times.

Experts in sports betting and historians agree that this is the oldest gambling record.

The field continued to flourish back in the early 1900s. Horse racing got popularized back then, followed closely by football and baseball in the 1960s. 

It was also when the Black Sox Scandal became infamous and spawned the Major League Baseball game-fixing scandal.

Eight Chicago White Sox players were accused of throwing the 1919 World Series against Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money from Arnold Rothstein’s gambling Mafia.

This infraction led to the banning of eight White Sox baseball players, the creation of the post commissioner, and the implementation of strict rules concerning the prohibition of gambling.

Modernization has brought about a rapid increase in the popularity of sports betting. There are so many options for wagering. Virtual gambling is so popular that foreigners have adopted even Asian sportsbooks like online sports betting Malaysia became prevalent.

Defrauding schemes are also growing along with the sector’s growth. It has become difficult for beginners to identify safe and legitimate online gambling sites.

The infographic below was created and designed by the well-known sportsbook betting Singapore firm, 88ProAsia, outlining the safest markets for novice sports bettors:

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