Tips on How to Clean Your Jewellery at Home

There are several different methods of cleaning your precious pieces of jewellery. However, it all begins with you knowing how to clean them in the first place. And the best way to do that is by taking care of them correctly in the first place. You must take special note of the items that you wear and how you treat them. If you are not careful you can end up damaging them beyond repair.

First, let us explain a few simple rules about keeping your personalised jewellery clean and looking shiny. Always remove all your silver jewellery before you go to bed. This will prevent them from getting dusty and make them look a lot brighter once they have gone to sleep. And the best way to treat your precious silver is by washing them with warm water and a mild soap or dishwashing liquid.

If your gemstones are starting to look a little dull then you need to get them cleaned. To clean rose gold jewellery effectively you can use a cotton bud soaked in warm water with a small amount of cream of tartar. After gently removing the dirt, you need to rub the jewellery gently with a lint-free cloth. Do this slowly and avoid rubbing too hard as you may damage the gemstone. Once you have rubbed the item dry, you need to leave it to dry for one to two hours before placing it back on.

Another important thing you should know about how to clean personalised jewellery for her is that silver tarnishes very easily. You should also avoid wearing jewellery that has been tarnished as you run the risk of discolouring the item. To avoid tarnishing your silver jewellery you should keep it in a jewellery box that is specially made to protect it from tarnishing. In case you want to wear jewellery that has been tarnished you need to polish it before wearing it. You can hire a jeweller or follow the simple steps mentioned below.

In case you find your jewellery is getting soiled because of food stains or pet stains then you should use a mixture of half water and half club soda. This solution can be used to clean any kind of jewellery. You can gently rinse the piece with warm water and allow it to dry. Then you need to rub it with a soft-bristle toothbrush until it is rinsed thoroughly.

The only problem with how to clean jewellery that has tarnished is that you will not be able to identify the source of the discolouration. So, if you have an old toothbrush or a dirty glass then you need to solve these problems. You can either get a cheap magnifying glass at your local store or you can buy an electronic one at your nearest electronic store. Use the glass to shine the tip of your old toothbrush or clean the stones with club soda. When both the methods are used together you should be able to identify the source of the discolouration. After that, you just need to get a new one that is bright and shiny.

Get more tips on how to clean your personalized jewellery through this infographic made by Charming Jewellery Store:

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